Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Daughter is a Creepy Ninja

If you live in MN, chances are you've been complaining about, or at least thinking about complaining about the heat and humidity.  The other day the temperature hit a record breaking high (including the heat index) of 134 degrees in Moorhead, MN!  Crazy right?

I had stepped outside for 30 seconds to see if the fans in our garage were drying up the garage floor because the humidity had made it actually wet in there.  When I stepped back in Little Man touched my leg, looked at his hand, looked at me, and asked, "Wet?".  It's been gross.

Now, usually we have an A/C window unit in our bedroom to keep us cool at night, but for whatever reason Spencer hasn't installed it yet.  I mean, it's only July 21st right?  Directly across the hall is our daughters' room, and they have an A/C unit in their window, without which Sweet Pea would be miserable since she sleeps 2 feet from the ceiling.  So at night this week we've been opening our door and opening their door and letting the cool air drift accross the hall into our room, giving us glorious relief from the heat.

The only problem is that the cool air is not the only thing that drifts silently across the hall into our room.  Babydoll does as well.

And it creeps me the heck out!

That girl may possibly be one of the cutest kids on the planet... when you're awake. 

Too many times she has silently snuck into our room, like a little ninja, and just stood 6 inches from my face waiting for me to wake up because she had a problem of some sort.  If I don't sense her presence she will very gently poke me until I wake up, look in the direction of the poke, and find a silent and still 3-foot-tall figure looming next to my face!

Again... creeps me the heck out!

Instantly I'm up and tending to whatever it is she needs or has done and then it's back to bed for me.  Except now I'm expecting her to wander back in at any moment.  Just waiting and trying to listen for footsteps or a door creek. 

What I'm getting at here is that with the doors open, I can't even try to rely on the sound of a door opening to alert me to the fact that someone is about to be standing next to my head.  So I just lie there and wait.  Wait for either sleep to overtake me, or my 4 year old daughter to come in for something and just stand by my closed-eyed face.

We've been sleeping with the doors open for several days now and she hasn't wandered in yet, but I'm sure that just like real ninjas... it's only a matter of time.
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