Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Post Storm Fun

We had a pretty big storm come through Tuesday morning at about 5AM.  I woke up to what sounded like a tornado right outside the window.  I woke up Spencer in case we'd have to grab the kids and run to the basement, and went and checked the tv for weather alerts.  The storm was just a severe thunderstorm with crazy winds but no tornados.  It did, however, wake up our girls for the next hour and a half.  It was a rough morning let me tell you.

Thankfully we didn't have any damage other than a large dead tree limb that fell in our driveway (others in our area had actual damage) and a whole lot of little branches and leaves scattered across the yard.

Using preschooler creativity Babydoll and my daycare boy got to work building a nest out of the branches and leaves.
 Babydoll's plan was that a bird in the tree above the "nest" would drop an egg down to their nest and she would sit on it until the baby bird hatched.

I'll let you know when that happens...
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