Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Worst Cooks in America

Have you seen the Food Network show Worst Cooks in America yet?  Spence and I became hooked this week!  He's always been a sucker for food network competition shows like Chopped and Cupcake Wars, actually we all get into Cupcake Wars, and now we have a new favorite!  It's a show about a dozen or so self proclaimed (or spouse proclaimed) worst cooks in America.  They are split into two teams lead by Food Network chefs.  This season the head chefs are Anne Burell and Bobby Flay.  The chefs take them through cooking challenges and mini competitions to teach them how to cook and narrow them down to the best of the worst on each team.  Then the final two cook for food critics and the winner gets $25,000.

Our current favorite on the show is Erica Weidner, she's hilarious!  She is such a total wreck in the kitchen, yet still manages to hold onto enough goodness to stay in the show (though it's very early in the season still) because she shows promise.  They're all wrecks in the kitchen but she is a hilarious wreck!  On the Food Network website this is her description:

Erica enjoys cooking with unusual kitchen tools, such as razorblades and pliers, and considers food expiration dates to be mere suggestions. She needs considerable assistance in order to avoid harming herself in the kitchen and to keep her family safe from her meals.

Love it!  When I watch cooking shows everyone is SO much better at cooking than I am, which is a bit discouraging when you think about attempting the dishes they make.  So it's nice watching a show where the cooks are more lost in a kitchen than I am!  Gives a girl hope!  I mean, there's one guy who only knew how to cook things in the dishwasher!  The DISHWASHER!  The man was freaking out a bit when there wasn't one in the show kitchen!

Once we discovered the current season we found seasons 1 and 2 On Demand and are nearly done with season one.  Comparing the seasons so far, the Chefs are a lot harsher in season 1 where in season 2 (one of the chefs is different each season) they seem a little more relaxed - like they're teaching real people and all and not real chefs who should know better.  Maybe it's the difference in chefs that has inspired a more pleasant environment, perhaps Bobby Flay brings out the best in Anne Burell, where Beau Somethingorother brought out the mean in her?  

On a related note (I promise) have you seen the show The New Girl?  One of the contestants in season one (Rachel Coleman) reminds me SO much of Jess on The New Girl!  They look nothing alike but sound and act similar enough to give us a good laugh every time!  

Anyway, I recommend it for a good laugh, cooking inspiration, and hope for the hopeless!

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