Saturday, May 19, 2012

Connor: The Good Stuff

I've been complaining a lot about Connor lately, on Facebook and in my last blog post.  When I realized that too much negatives were coming out of my mouth and onto the computer screen, I wanted to write up a quick post describing some of the good things about Connor these days.  Because I love him, and he's not that little hellion I may have been making you think he is.

He is generous with compliments.  He regularly tells me and other people that he "loves" various things about them.  He tells me things like, "I love your shoes!" or "I love your eyes" or even "I love your ears".  Makes me smile! :o)

When we have living room picnics for dinner we always sit on a sheet to protect the carpet.  When we had quesadillas I was going to let the kids just sit on the carpet (not much risk of spills), but Connor insisted on a sheet.  "We need a blanket!" he told us.  A toddler's need for consistency can be a beautiful thing some times!

He likes to jump over things lately, especially bumps or cracks.  Big jumps!

He held hands with Izzy in their theater seats when we all went to see The Avengers on the big screen.

He wants to hug and kiss pretty much everyone.

When he smiles, it lights up my world.

He's my baby boy, and there is no one else quite like him.
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