Wednesday, August 15, 2012



I'm still alive and kickin, just not writing.

I miss this blog.  I like to write, always have, and this has been a great way for me to share my thoughts, my boring every day events, big events, funny stories, and tragic stories.  The thing is I've struggled over the last many months with what to share and where my line in the sand is.

It's easy to sit here at the computer and type out the things that are going on in my head and pretend nobody will really read it (all the while hoping with fingers crossed that SOMEONE actually does read it.... weird huh?), but the thing is that not everything that goes on in life, or in my head or heart, should be read by anyone else.  Internal struggles, family stuff, friend stuff... there's plenty of things not ok to share with the internet, and plenty of things I really can't talk about here.  (if you know me in real life, just leave it at that).

So when I have sat down to write up a post for this blog of mine, the real meaningful stuff comes to mind first, and when I decide that it's not something I care to share at the moment, then do I just tell you about the boring parts of my life?  About how I woke up this morning much too tired because my sleep schedules have been out of whack all week and how I could easily drink 2 pots of coffee a day if I let myself make that second pot at noon?  See? I can already hear you falling asleep! :)  It can feel weird sometimes when someone talks to me in real life about something I blogged about, as if that imaginary curtain has been pulled (imagine the Wizard of Oz).  I can completely see why a blogger could be more content with a completely anonymous blog - you can pour it all out there and not a soul would know it's you talking.  But I will not be going that route.  Then of course there's the "fluff" posts where I could care less who talks to me about it in real life... it's Fluff after all - no further explanation required! :o)

So maybe I'll get back into this soon.  Maybe I'll talk about the deeper stuff going on my head, maybe I'll just tell you about the chickens we've been raising for 2 months, or maybe I'll just write another poem about boogers!  Who knows, but I'll be dang shocked if anyone is still reading this drastically absent blog when/if I do start blogging regularly again!

Thanks for reading!

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