Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Volleyball May Be My Sport

... To Watch.

This fall Mikayla wanted to give volleyball a try.  Spencer and I agreed that volleyball would be a really good sport for her because she's tall for her age and crazy strong, so if she could get the coordination part in there she'd be a pretty awesome player!

This past Tuesday night was Youth Night for the High School Volleyball teams.  This meant that all the youth volleyball players got a free ticket to the varsity game.  Mikayla and I went to the game while Spencer finagled Izzy and Connor for the night driving them around for Izzy's gymnastics class.  The game was awesome!  We didn't win, but it was really exciting to watch!  The pep band was there, lots of people in the stands cheering, and although it was a little chilly in the gym - I loved that it was indoors and the seats were fairly comfortable.  I thought, "This is a sport I could really get into sitting in the stands to watch!"  I couldn't play it, but I really liked watching! :o)  She played soccer years ago and that was fine, but being outdoors made it less than comfortable quite often.  I love being outside when it's nice out, but I don't like being stuck outside for extended time when it's too hot/cold/windy/rainy.

Mikayla loved the game too, she was doing lots of shouting and cheering her hometown team on.  It was the first volleyball game she'd ever seen, so it was good for her to see what a real game (wait... match? I don't know) looks like.

Then last night she had her first games, and I finally got a chance to really see her play!  She is a great server!  It was funny how excited everyone in the gym got any time there was more than one volley over the net! Ha! For first year players these girls were great!  Mikayla's team won both of their games against the neighboring town.  To be fair, the ages are different.  Our town groups 3rd and 4th grade together and the other town groups 2nd and 3rd together, so the teams we played against had some 2nd graders, and we have some really tall 4th graders.  But it was still so fun and such an encouragement to the girls to get a couple wins in them right away!

They only played games last night and then will play a couple next week and then they are done with games. It is so fun!  Even Izzy and Connor got into it.  Izzy was anxious to catch anything that came her way in the side lines and throw the ball back in, and Connor was all about the cheering and fist pumping! :o)

After watching a varsity game, and now Mikayla's game, I can definitely say that once I figure out how the scoring and rules work I will definitely enjoy going to volleyball games in the future!
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