Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Big Day

Spencer's sister married an amazing man on Friday.  We all love him, he's been like a brother for a LONG time now, so we were pretty excited for them to tie the knot!

I charged up my camera battery so I could take lots of pictures on the big day.  Turns out though that when your whole family of 5 is in the wedding, it's really hard to remember to take pictures or take them when you get the chance.  Once the reception got going I could have carried my camera around and snapped some photos but I was having much too much fun running around talking to people and dancing to stop and take pictures. 

I did however want to show you the shots that I did get.  Mostly because my kids are so adorable that I just die when I look at them, then I come back to life so I can look at them some more.

Sweet Pea getting her hair professionally done

Staying cool at the pub between photo sessions

Putting on his penguin suit

did you hear that? I just died.

and again

and again

First dance as husband and wife. The bride was stunning!

watching the dancing and playing with his tie

I love the father-daughter dances.

That's all I have for pictures.  The wedding was beautiful and it was such a wonderful evening!

Congratulations newlyweds!

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