Monday, May 30, 2011

End of the School Year

Last week was our last week of preschool for the school year, which ment my 5-year-old daycare boy graduated!  I made him a graduation hat, diploma, gave him a nice poem to hang on to, he said he's going to tape it up on his wall where his dog won't scratch it.  Cute kid.  We also had celebration cupcakes for the end of a successful school year.... which were of course a huge hit!

I'm very proud of their accomplishments this year.  Babydoll has another year before kindergarten and she already knows the names of every letter, and the sounds of all but 2 letters (U and Y are tricky)!!  Next year she'll be working on learning lowercase letters and blending letter sounds to start reading simple words!

We also did a flower petal project using roses that Spencer recently gave me.  They were getting wilty so instead of throwing them away we played with them.

Sorry there's no finished product picture, but you get the idea :o)
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