Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Sneak Peak - Sound of Music

Hey, it's all I have time for right now ;o)

I am having a great time getting ready for opening night of The Sound of Music!  The hours are grueling, and I am definately having dreams of rehearsals and painting and all that, and poor Babydoll cries every night when I leave, but I have missed being able to stretch my artistic wings for so long!! I needed this!

Here are some pictures taken earlier this week.

Here's the whole cast with the mountain/hills backdrop
Sweet Pea is in the chidlren's chorus/traveling cast/ "Vienna Children's Choir". She's one of the girls in the white and pink dresses, front row, scratching her nose.

Here are all of the nuns

And here is a picture of the Mother Abbess, Sister Sophia, Sister Berthe, and Sister Margaretta (me!)

I know some of you are coming to see the show, and I can't wait to see you there!


Anonymous said...

GAH! I so wish the show would have been going while I was visiting. I'm sure it'll be marvelous. ^.^

Gopher Mommy said...

Abby - Sounds like so much fun. My parents use to take us to the community theater productions when I was little! Oh, I wish we lived closer. :)

MrsThull said...

Don't worry about the kids, you are right you do need this! Glad you are having so much fun :)

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