Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My favorite evening with Babydoll!

Two weekends ago my cousin Liz got married.  Her wedding fell on a friday evening that Spence was away at Rockfest, but I was planning to take all three kids to the wedding.  As it got closer to wedding day, I decided I should try to find a babysitter for Little Man so I could actually stay for the reception without worrying about a very sleepy little boy.  Around this same time Sweet Pea was invited to sleep over at a friend's house and wanted to go to that instead of the wedding, after checking with the family I gave her permission to go to the sleep-over.  Our good friends Jeni and Chris agreed to watch Little Man for us, and I was left with just Babydoll!

Jeni offered to watch Babydoll as well, but after a couple minutes of consideration (she was having fun playing with Jeni's daughter) I decided that I needed to bring her with me.

I've been going to Sound of Music rehearsals every night for the past 7 weeks, and most of those nights I left home with a crying Babydoll.  She begs me to stay, clings to my leg, climbs into my lap, and sadly watches me drive away. 

Sad huh?

So I knew we really needed some time together, just the two of us, to play and dance and have some quality bonding time!  She even got to wear makeup for our special evening!

Let me tell you, when you are used to taking 3 kids to events and holidays and things, taking just 1 kid feels like a piece of cake!  A piece of wedding cake! haha, I'm so funny.... um... yeah.

I'm beginning to realize why the middle child gets such a bad rap for lack of attention, when I realized I would be taking just Babydoll to the wedding I sadly realized I could not remember the last time I did anything outside of the yard with just her!  I take Sweet Pea on big kid things, and Little Man goes with just me when his big sisters are doing something together with someone else, but my little middle child just never gets pulled out of the group and taken places with just me!  Sad!

We had the best time that night!  We played in the lawn of the gardens before the ceremony started, we ate together and drank out of fancy glasses together.  We took pictures together at the little photo booth they had set up.  And we danced together.

Now she wasn't stuck with just me the whole time, there were three other little girls her same age at the reception and they had a great time dancing and running around in circles for a couple hours.

When it was time to go home we got in the car to pick up Little Man first, and I told her that if she was sleeping when we got to Chris and Jeni's then I'd let her sleep while I went in to grab Little Man, so if she woke up and I wasn't there, then I was just picking up Little Man and would be back in the car soon.  She assured me that she would stay awake the whole time.

5 minutes later she was out like a light!

We had the best time together!


Jodi said...

I wish I could "like" your post! ;) I bet she felt very special dressing up and going somewhere special with just her mommy. Sounds like a fun day. Cute pictures too!

Makenzie said...

That was such a fun night and you could tell she was having a very good time with her mom!!

MrsThull said...

I know that our middle guy gets the short end of the stick on alone time a lot to!

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