Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Preparations and My Little Troublemaker

I've got enough Easter pictures for two posts, so this first one is dedicated to the preparation part.

Last Thursday I planned an Easter egg hunt for the daycare kids.  Our neighborhood does a huge one every Good Friday morning but one of my daycare kids (besides the babies) lives outside our neighborhood and I knew she'd love hunting for and collecting eggs, so we had one in our backyard!!

First I set out fun springtime foam stickers, plastic cups with two holes punched in the tops, one on each side, sparkly chenille sticks, and Easter grass.  By the way, I hate plastic Easter grass. Go paper, it's way less messy!
 And I set them to work making little baskets to put their goodies in!
 Since Sweet Pea was home from school that day for spring break I asked her if she wanted to hide the eggs, or find them.  She chose to hide them.  Once they were all hidden, and cup/baskets were made, they were off!
 This was Little Man's first egg hunt that he could participate in.  Last year he was still just a crawler.
 I gave the toddlers a little head start, and when they each had a few eggs I reminded the bigger kids what their egg limit was and let them loose.

After the big neighborhood hunt on Friday morning Spencer, the kids, and I decorated our Easter eggs! 
 Little Man wasn't too impressed with the process, he really just wanted to play with the bowls of dye.  Not gonna fly with this Momma!  So he took off to play while the rest of us did the eggs and played with Easter egg-shaped playdough.

Oh did I say play? 

Hey... where's the little guy?  I don't hear him anywhere?

His door is closed.



Abby @ They Lend Me Their Hearts said...


Angie L said...

Oh Little Man, you are WAYYY to funny!!! Don't worry, had my toddler been there, she would've been right there with you!

Prairie Mother said...

LOL! Oh, that look is priceless!!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Okay, now that is funny - and smart too!

BTW, I just love your daycare stories. It sounds like you run a fun and loving place for kiddos.

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