Monday, April 4, 2011

Ocean Adventure

Last week and the week before we went on an ocean adventure, learning about fish, salt water, whales, dolphins, sharks, crabs, sea stars, where the oceans are, and more!  Here's a very small sampling of what we did for those two weeks.

We went "fishing" for our snack one day.  We dipped pretzel sticks in strawberry cream cheese, bating our fishing pole.
 Then used our fishing poles to catch some fish!
 We learned that sometimes we had to gobble them up quickly or they could fall off!

Ship portholes

the toddlers' crabs

Preschoolers' crabs, currently keeping watch from the top of the tv.

Sea Star home

Jelly fish (these were really cool)

Current theme is Spring Sparkles, and I'm loving all the new springy supplies!!


Prairie Mother said...

How cute! I especially love the crab and the jellyfish. Thanks for the ideas!

Mom said...

Nice ideas. Looks like the kids had a lot of fun, I loved the porthole, very realistic looking. and the fishing looked tasty.

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