Thursday, April 28, 2011

Like a Hunting Dog

Sometimes I feel like a hunting dog. 

Particularly an off-season-neglected hunting dog.

I'm kept in my home and yard most days out of the year.  So much so, that when I get to go do something, everyone (including me) is happy for me that I "got out".  Like my owners let me out of the mundane boundaries of the yard and took me to the dog park.

And then hunting season, or in my case theater season, comes and I'm so excited and end up overworking myself into a heap on the floor in front of the fireplace hearth.  Except I don't have a fireplace or a hearth, so really it's the rocking chair I collapse onto.

I go go go working hard for the family who "owns" me and love it, but get pretty worn out at the same time, and then "hunting" season ends and I rarely leave the yard.

So, though it's a bit stressful and very tiring, it is also really fun.  So I will enjoy this time out in the field until my family puts me back in my kennel.
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