Monday, September 27, 2010

Birds and the Letter B

Last week the theme was "Birds" and the letter B.  As you can see by the little snippet I'm showing you, we had a lot planned! 
Once again, we started the week off with the letter, number, and some other non-bird related activities.  One thing I had to do was find out where the kids were with their cutting ability.  I knew the 4 year old was able to cut on a curved line just fine, but I wasn't sure about Babydoll.  Turns out she can cut a straight line, a zig-zag, and a curved line without too much difficulty. 
Then on Tuesday we started talking about Birds.  We started with Bird vocabulary and body parts.  Did lots of make-believe which helped anchor those words into their memory (and it's fun!!),
We used a real bird feather to paint blue jays.  Perfect integration of the Birds theme, and the letter B.  We sang songs about birds, bird fingerplays, number puzzles, read books like The Little Red Hen, and Are You My Mother.  We made artwork with birdseed, used almost all our senses to examine and discuss about a real bird nest (the one sense we didn't use? taste!).  For lunch on Friday the kids helped me make egg salad sandwiches.  Throughout the week we kept going back to the letter B, word wall, B sound, and the letter A.
We also made a simple bird feeder out of an orange juice container.
Do you think the birds like LOTS of PULP birdseed?  Sure hope so!


Prairie Mother said...

I love how organized you are with such a great daycare theme. Your kids are lucky!

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