Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Last Sunday night, after an extremely busy day, after cleaning the disastrous living room, kitchen, and dining rooms, after already going up and down the stairs too many times, I was ready to climb into bed.  But I had no PJ's in our room.  It was looking like my options were to either go to bed in my jeans and sweater, or trek back down to the laundry room and bring up some clean PJ's.  Neither option sounded good at 12:30 AM. 

So I improvised.  

I did what I usually do when I can't find clean clothes of my own.  I stole my husband's clothes.

I grabbed one of his comfy sweatshirts, and...

wait for it...

his long underwear.

Yep, I wore his long underwear as pajama pants.

Sure they were a little loose, but they were warm and comfy :o)

But don't tell my husband or he'll start hiding his clothes from me!


mom said...

Hope you had your own clothes on for daycare

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