Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A night out with the family

A few weeks ago there was a big family event in our town hosted by the Fire and Police Departments.  I thought I'd share some pictures with you.

All the kids got free firefighter hats

A helicopter landed in the grass and everyone swarmed to the landing helicopter like cats to an opening can of tuna.

Babydoll and Little Man got to sit in it!  Sweet Pea and Spence were over in the bouncy castle when it landed.

Before we left the girls got to try out the fire hose.  She looks so little holding that huge hose!

Sweet Pea tried it too.

This is what they were aiming at.  If they got the water into the windows or doors, things popped up out of the roof. 

The girls sat in the fire truck, we didn't put Little Man up there though because he was covered in Tootsie Pop!

And before we left we watched them filling up a hot air balloon.

It was a fun night full of demonstrations by the police and fire departments, display and info tables set up by local businesses, food, beverages, fire trucks, squad cars, horses, and lots of friends!


mom said...

whooo whoo what fun. Nice blog.

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