Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Little "Nunsense" This Weekend

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to go see Into the Woods, a Steven Sondheim musical.  Well, February is turning out to be a pretty exciting month regarding musicals!  This Friday night Spencer and I, along with some ERCT buddies, are going to see Nunsense!  I'm especially excited for this show because other than the woman playing Sister Mary Leo, I know everyone in the show!

Last summer I youtubed clips of Nunsense starring Rue Mclanahan as the Reverand Mother.  I absolutely adored this version of the play, and can't wait to see what kind of a spin my friends in Elk River put on it!

The premise of the show is that the convent cook accidentally poisons the soup, killing 52 nuns! The convent can't afford to bury the dead nuns so they put on a variety show to raise funds.  Luckily for us, the nuns that didn't drink the poisoned soup happen to be very talented and quite hilarious!

Since I have no clips of the ERCT show, I'll leave you with these!

This last one is of the Reverand Mother who has just been given a suspicous substance that Sister Robert Anne found in the girls locker room.  The poor Reverand Mother has no idea what she's about to do.

So if you like that, and want to see what the talented people of ERCT can do with it, come out and see the show!  Click here for showtimes and ticket info!!


Nichole said...

Looking forward to our night out! I heard it through the theatre doors last weekend and it sounds entertaining! : )

mom said...

Very funny.

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