Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine Cookies

Are you sick of bloggers posting all their Valentines Day stuff?

Well.. sorry then. :o)

On Valentines day we made, decorated, and ate cookies!  First we made the cookie dough, and then because I'm not a fan of making cut-outs, we cheated improvised the heart-making process.  We took the two sizes of heart shaped cookie cutters, and filled them with the cookie dough, pressing the dough down with the mixing spoon.  The smaller sized hearts worked better than the bigger sized ones.

Then we frosted the cookies.

Usually I like to make an icing out of powdered sugar and milk, but for whatever reason I grabbed this can of vanilla frosting at the store.  I'm not gonna lie, it was yummy!

Then we added the sprinkles.

Fair warning, it's a messy treat to make, and to eat, but they were yummy and the kids had a blast!

We also did graphing activities with conversation hearts, had special heart-shaped sandwiches at lunchtime, decorated valentine bags and passed out valentines, sang songs about love and friendship, read a couple stories about Valentines Day,  played a hugging game, and thought about ways to show our family that we love them!
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