Friday, February 18, 2011

Movie Quiz Answers and Winner!

When I announced this little contest last weekend, I knew it would be fun for me to put on, and boy was I right! I hope you enjoyed the game too!  There were a couple movie stills that stumped people more than others (number 1 and 6 in particular), but it was a VERY close race!  All of the scores ranged from 13 - 15 correct, and had there been a tie in the top score, the winner would have been the person who got that score first. 

1) 300

2. Die Hard

3). Inception

4) The Goonies

5) Newsies

6) Vicky Christina Barcelona

7) Enchanted

8) Knight and Day

9) Finding Neverland

10) Braveheart

11) Star Wars 3, Revenge of the Sith

12) The Princess Bride

13) Public Enemies

14) Batman Begins

15) Home Alone (the first one)

16) The Notebook

17) Walk the Line

18) Bruce Almighty

19) Kill Bill vol 1

And the winner, by a margin of 1, is Jodi!  Congratulations!  I just need your email address and you should have your $10 amazon giftcard in the next few days! 

Here's the link to the original post, submitted answers are in the comments below the post.

Thanks for playing everyone!! This was really fun!

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