Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wishful Wednesday

Wishful Wednesday! A little late, because I forgot it was Tuesday last night, and my sister asked about it this afternoon... so here it is!

I wish kids were as simple as goldfish... without the whole short life-span thing.

I wish I wasn't so cranky today.  Some days just don't start off right and then you spend the rest of the day trying to keep up with it all.

I hope tomorrow is better.

I wish my kids' poop didn't stink.

I love my kids, their voices, and the things they say... but sometimes I wish they would just quit talking for a few hours.

wow, today's list was a downer... can you tell I'm cranky?

Your turn! What are you wishing for today?


Anonymous said...

I wish I could add some positive wishes to your wish list. Unfortunately, most of mine involve maiming, rude gestures... nothing for polite company.

I do hope, however, that tomorrow is filled with awesomeness for you. It sounds like you could use it to help make up for today. :)

Prairie Mother said...

I wish my husband didn't have to go out of town.

I wish my kids would stop talking for a day too!!!

I wish (and I know this sounds crazy) I was back home in Indiana to see the blizzard rather than in Kansas where there's no snow, just wind.

GopherMommy said...

I wish that I had an electric blanket.

I wish that my husband and I could come to an agreement on kindergarten for our oldest.

I wish the husbands job search results in a job that is fulfilling for him.

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