Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dieting Secret for Women, Who Knew?

Last fall I started The Spike Diet and over the course of a little over 2 months I lost just about 20 pounds.  I gave myself some slack the week of Christmas because, lets face it, there are way too many goodies at Christmastime to be on a diet!  During that week of over-indulging I managed to not gain any weight, which I credit to the boost in metabolism that the diet gave me.  The problem came the next week though when I didn't start the diet back up.  Turns out taking a week off can make it hard to get back on... who'd a thunk it? 

I kept trying to get back into it, but lacked motivation, until recently.  I can't complain too much though since I lost almost 20 lb in 2 months and after about 4.5 months of not dieting at all I only gained back 10 lb. 

A week ago was my sister-in-law's bachelorette party, which we spent downtown club-hopping.  There was an insane number of bachelorette parties out there that night, at the first place we went I lost track after the 7th bride-to-be and their entourages!

Now let me tell you a valuable dieting secret: Nothing will get you back on your diet faster than dozens of skinny 22-ish year olds in slutty dresses strip-dancing on the dance floor.  That was it, summer nearly here, I have a wedding coming up that I want to look fabulous for, and I was getting back on the diet!

Here's what I did last week.  Increased my protein and fiber, drank more water, my dad brought over my parent's orbitrek that they didn't want anymore, and I ran on it every night but one.  My results when I weighed myself first thing the morning of my spike day: down 5 pounds!

So here's hoping I can lose the other 5 lb before the wedding, and then keep that number plummeting through the summer, my goal is still to reach the weight I was at before and shortly after I had Sweet Pea, which is just 13 lb away!

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