Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spencer's 30th Birthday

My old man husband just turned 30 last Friday.  I know, I'm not far behind him, but I have until January to still be in my 20's, and I'm going to soak it up for all it's worth!

Though his birthday was the 13th, I planned him a surprise party on the Saturday before, so he wouldn't see it coming.  I had been telling him that there was some bridesmaid thing that night - we were getting together to talk about some of the final details, get to know each other before the bachelorette party, and have some drinks and games at Dave & Busters (game place/bar).  Sort of believable but we still needed to get him there.  My soon-to-be brother in law called him up earlier that week and asked if Spence would come along with him because he was going to be sober-cab for us ladies that night, Spence of course agreed and we hired a "last minute" sitter (planned not so last-minute actually).  We got dressed up for "my" night out and Spencer's "glorified chaperoning" as he called it, and I drove us out to Dave & Busters.  I pulled into the parking lot and as we were walking up to the building he spotted his mom's truck (it's impossible to not recognize) and commented on it.  I told him, "well she is the mother of the bride and it is a wedding planning thing so she probably decided to come out too."  He bought it. 

As we got closer he noticed one of his friends, and then the rest of them, sitting out at a big group of tables in the outside dining area.  Big smile on his face and a little light hearted swearing - he was thrilled!

Lots of people came out for the surprise and dinner/drinks.  It was fun, and I felt so relieved to have it go off without a hitch!

After people were dispersing we went with some friends, his sister and soon-to-be-brother-in-law, to our friends' house and continued the party there until I finally was able to usher Spence into the car and drive him home. 

For his actual birthday last Friday we had dinner at Mongo's (mongolian bbq), played at Best Buy and got him a game, and came home to make some fun drinks. 

Here's the photo recap of the dinner part of his actual birthday... I was a moron and forgot my camera for the surprise one.
Heading out to Mongos

Little Man grabbed everyone's chopsticks and made an arrangement.

finishing off the sunday.
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