Sunday, September 4, 2011

Family Fun Day

About a week and a half ago we went on a little family get-away.  Wednesday night we had a free room at Mystic Lake Casino and I drove down with the kids after Spence got there earlier that afternoon.  As soon as we got there Babydoll had to go potty so we quickly found a bathroom.  She was already excited about the "kleenex toilet paper" in the stalls, and when she came out to wash her hands I squirted some into her hand and she said, "The soap is gold!"  The other woman in the bathroom and I got a good chuckle out of that one!  30 seconds into our hotel experience and the girls were already thoroughly impressed!  Sweet Pea wanted to move into the hotel and have free run of the place, in true "Suite Life of Zach and Cody" style.

Once we found Spence we headed up to our room where I told the kids they had to jump on the bed and we could get changed into swimsuits and head to the pool.  All three of them had a great time swimming and at 9:00 we were back in our room and ready for bed.  Sweet Pea volunteered to sleep on the floor in her sleeping bag while Babydoll and Little Man shared a bed.  None of them wanted to share a bed with Spence so I was stuck with him.  After 30 minutes of regularly telling LM to put his head down and go night-night, they were all asleep.

Spence and I took turns in the morning giving money to the casino gambling a little bit, we packed up, and headed out to Valleyfair!

 The kids had so much fun!  BD reluctantly agreed to go on the Monster, and was terrified from the moment it started moving. Poor thing :o(  It did help her appreciate the rides that were built for her size more though. She even went on Excaliber and loved it!  SP loved the Monster and went on it 3 times.  There were lots of rides in Planet Snoopy that LM loved too!  He had to say "bye" to every ride as we left them  because it's the only way to get him away from something he wants to stick with without a tantrum.  There were lots of, "Bye Bye Trucks" "Bye Bye Submarine"  "Bye Bye Train", etc.
 After a very full day and no naps, all the kids slept on the way home, and that says a lot because I could probably count on one hand the number of times LM has slept in the car since he was a newborn!

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