Thursday, September 22, 2011



I get mildly annoyed when bloggers don't reply or comment back to my comments.  Few bloggers whom I read actually do a great job at replying, at least a good chunk of the time.  I still read their blogs because I enjoy them, but I'm more likely to comment on someone's post if I get a reply once in a while.  It's like if someone gives a speech, you walk up to them and comment on their speech, and then they turn and walk away.  Make sense?

Here's where the confession part comes in.  I have not been a very good comment replier.  But I'm making a conscious effort these days to hit that reply button and show some appreciation for those comments!

As a blogger, it's exciting when someone comments on a post you write - like, someone actually read it and gave a crap about what you wrote! I love comments so much I have a little blinky button in my right column that expresses that!  So to say thank you for your comment, I will make a conscious effort to not turn and walk away, and hit that reply button!  I can't promise that I won't miss some, as sometimes I can't reply right away and then forget about them, but I'll try really hard!

This post was brought to you by Ragweed Allergies, making me generally annoyed at everything today.

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