Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Days of School, aka, Make her stop growing!

It's the first day of school today, and although I'm going to miss having SP around during the day, she was really excited about getting back to school with her friends, her new teacher, and her new classroom!  Every morning on the first day of school we take bunch of pictures, and after she left today I looked back at how much she's grown up over the last few years!


1st Grade

 2nd Grade

 3rd Grade

Strike a pose!
 Walking back from the bus stop Spencer and I were struck with the realization that in just 3 years our first born will be in Middle School, our 2nd born will be in 2nd grade, and our baby will be in Kindergarten!  That's going to be one exciting day for the kids, and an awfully tough one for Mom!

I'll tell you about how SP's first day went, and about BD's first day of Pre-K in my next post!

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