Monday, September 19, 2011

First Slumber Party!

One of the fun things about blogging is that it is a fun way to document milestones.  Some people scrapbook, some people do other things, I blog.  Once upon a time when I only had one little baby in my life, I was a scrapbooker, but it takes time and space and a special eye for the craft that I just don't have.

Sweet Pea hit 2 milestones at once last weekend.  She turned nine, and had her first slumber party!

 First we took the girls (Little Man stayed back with Nana and Papa for the movie part) to the movie theater to see the new Spy Kids movie.  They did pretty well at staying quiet for the movie, the 5 of them were quieter than the one boy in the row in front of them.

 Then we got home and the screaming and shrieking and giggling and screaming commensed!  Needless to say we immediately sent them all outside to burn off some hyper-activity while the oven heated up for pizzas!  Then it was present time, more outside time, and pizza/movie time! Later in the evening there was homemade cake and cookies and cream ice cream (Kemp's ice cream that is).  There was also a fair amount of candy consumed of course... it's a slumber party, must have candy!
Babydoll spent the night at Nana and Papa's house so her bottom bunk could be used, so although she was gone, there were still 4 screaming girls.

Did I mention they were loud?

We sent them to bed at midnight and told them we were going to bed and to be quiet. They crashed sometime after 1AM.

When they woke up at 8:00 they were all quite disheveled looking.  Messy hair, rubbing red eyes.  They looked like a group of mini hung-over college students!  I don't think most of them are used to such late nights.  I know SP isn't used to them!

They had a ton of fun!  And although Spencer, Connor, and I survived, her bedroom almost didn't!

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