Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Most Effective Bribe

My kids do not like to clean.  They are weird that way.  They probably get it from their weird mom and dad!

Struggling with them to get cleaning done is not fun, no fun at all!  I'm always looking for a motivator to get them to clean, but I don't want to bribe them with food, as I don't want to create food issues with them. 

That's not to say that bribing with food wouldn't work, it certainly would!  I just try to find other things that are better for them.  Like playdates!

Sweet Pea wanted to have her friend over to play, but the house was a mess of toys and junk, and the girls' room was once again pretty bad.  I told her she couldn't bring a friend over here when the house looks like this, but if she and Babydoll cleaned their room and helped clean the house, then she could call her friend over.

IT WORKED!  Both girls got to work on their room, and let me tell you, they've never cleaned it so quickly and so well in their lives!  They even made the beds!

After their room was adequately clean, they helped clean the rest of the main level.  They put toys away, folded some laundrey, swept (kinda) the floor, and then I mopped.  All without a single complaint.

Not a single complaint guys!  (enter chorus of angels)

After everything was picked up she called her friend and a few hours later they are enjoying the fruits of their labor. :o)

There are still some things to pick up, and dusting hasn't been done yet, and I'll need to vaccuum again by the end of the day, but all in all it was a pretty successful bribe!


Prairie Mother said...

Great idea! I'll have to try that one. I always end up frustrated trying to get my kids to pick up.

Anonymous said...

Yippy for you. Sounds like a successful lesson for all. Glad they were of beneficial help to you. I hope they can keep it cleaned up.
Good job

MrsThull said...

The boys around here love to "help" mom pick up, do dishes, clean windows ect ect.... I have to remind myself that it is a good thing and to be patient with them, not that it is an easy most of the time. I also don't expect it to last :(

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