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Our story of Grief and Joy - Part 6

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So in the last post I told you about my amazing hormone levels!  hcg levels are supposed to at least double in 48 hours, and my last check had almost quadrupled!  Our first thought was relief to finally get some good numbers, then it was, "since my hormone levels went up so high, does that mean we have twins?", and then it was worry because I had been spotting again since before I even found out I was pregnant. 

I felt like I was drowning in emotions, confusion, hope, fear, wonder, and trying to take it one day at a time.

One thing that I bet anyone who has lost a baby before, and then been pregnant again, would tell you is that paranoia sets in big time!  Every cramp, kink, spot of blood, sends you calling your doctor for blood tests/ultrasounds.  Even when things appear to be going fine, you still get paranoid and beg for medical reassurance, and if you have an understanding doctor, you get tests done! 

February 21, 2006    
  I'm still so scared that I'll lose this baby so I asked to go in today for more hcg levels.  It's only been 3 days since my last one but the hormone has continued to more than double!  They went from 234 to 842 which is about tripling and a half, plus some, in the time it needed to take to double. 

Do I dare get excited for this yet?

I feel pregnant this time around.  This morning I felt a little queasy (not bad though), my boobs feel uncomfortable, and I have mood swings.  Everyone is speculating twins since my hcg went so high, but I wont be so sure till we can count them on the ultrasound.  So technically my due date is October 23rd but I'm expecting to measure at least 3 days later than that since I got my ovidrel shot on day 17 instead of the "normal" day 14.

We had our first ultrasound for this pregnancy when I was 5 weeks 5 days pregnant.  I was scared to death, I think Spencer was mainly just ready to start counting embryos!  I was trying to brace myself for the possibility of either seeing an empty uterus, or seeing something like 4 embryos!  I knew there was a chance that taking that Ovidrel shot would cause my ovaries to release more than one egg, and those skyrocketing numbers made it seem even more possible. I always thought twins would be fun, triplets would be really really busy but I thought we could handle it, and quads or more would just make me pass out.  I'd be done.  4 babies at once, 24/7?  I'd be praying to grow some more arms and a stronger back!

That ultrasound was a glorious sight to behold! 

What you see here is called, by some, "the diamond ring".  And you can see why.  The large yolk sac and the tiny embryo look like a diamond ring.  This made our ultrasound lady very happy:o) which meant that Spencer and I were very happy!  I had trouble scanning this photo so I started looking on google images to find an example but was unable to find a "diamond ring" ultrasound picture so perfect as this one! 

There was one baby, and it was growing at the right pace, and my doctor assured me that the progesterone hormones I was taking can cause women to bleed/spot until they stop taking them at the end of the first trimester... RELIEF!

After this ultrasound was done I had 2 more done before I even hit the 10 week mark (remember... paranoia!) to make sure its heart started beating and continued to grow correctly.

One last journal entry for this post, we jump ahead to the 10 week mark!  Yay! The 10 week mark!!

March 30, 2006    10 weeks pg
  Wow, I've made it SO FAR now!  I'm almost to the "safe" point now.  I've had 3 ultrasounds and all measured right, and the last two had a beating heart (152 and 161 bpm)!!!
  I've been a little sleepy and very sick since 5.5 weeks.  I haven't been able to eat for almost 5 weeks now and I've lost 5.5 lbs.  I've tried anti-nausea meds but they haven't worked.  Sucking on slices of lemon, and ice cubes.  That's about all that sounds good now.  I choke down food and try to keep it down as much as possible, but I feel like this baby isn't getting any food.  I hope my prenatal vitamins and vitamin stores will compensate for now.
  Baby's got 7 months to go.  The new due date is Oct. 26.
  It's been hard juggling family, work, school, and a nauseous pregnancy, but I think being so busy will make it go fast!

If I haven't scared you away yet, click here for my second OB visit and what was going on at the 12.5 week point.


Anonymous said...

You know? I'm doing a very bad job of waiting patiently for next installments in this series of posts. Are you SURE you don't want to post it just a bit sooner? You know... with all that time you have on your hands and stuff. >.< (That was very, very sarcastic in case it didn't come through. The having time on your hands part, not the bad job waiting patiently part. That's true. I can't wait!)

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