Monday, June 28, 2010

Ticked Off

I am ticked off.

Maybe more like, "seriously annoyed."

Remember back when I made a really awesome grocery list template for my Target store's grocery section.  I made it to speed up my list making and my shopping.  It worked great, and I was able to fly through when I was in a hurry and spend less on impulse buys.

Well, don't print it off or anything cuz it isn't any good anymore! 

Target had the audacity to rearrange my store!!!  making my list completely unusable!

So now I have to go back through the store with a pen and paper and re-write down what is in each isle, and fix my template.



Anonymous said...

I have an idea... Why don't you make a call to target and see if they will send you a copy of their plan o gram (store layout). Maybe that will ease the pain. I hate grocery shopping, Took me 15 minutes to find graham crackers. Finally had to ask a stocking person ugh

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