Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Babydoll Disturbs Me

Babydoll brought me a book she had been reading, and showed me a page that apparently  had her pretty excited.  It was a mom holding a 12-ish month old baby and they were waving goodbye to the big brother who was on the bus going to school.

This is the conversation we had.

BD (in a giddy sort of way): I want this baby!

Me:  You want a doll like that baby?

BD:  I want this baby!

Me: But that's not our baby, that baby lives with her family.

BD (in an even giddier sort of way, quite proud of herself for her new plan): How about we go to their house, and when they're all sleeping... we'll take the baby!!

Me (in a horrified sort of way):  Sweetie!  We can't take a baby!  If you take someones child you go to jail!

BD (in a questioning sort of way): How long?

Me: A long long time!

BD:  How long is a long long time?

Me: Until you're very old!

BD: Big enough to break out of jail?

Add this to the last time we had steak and she announced, "I love blood" and I'm more than a little disturbed.

Then again, the slightest scrape sets off a half hour of sobbing, so maybe I shouldn't worry too much about that last one.


Anonymous said...

I think I would have gone down the "what particular things do you like about this baby, Babydoll?" route. Then go into how LOTS of babies are that way, so there's no need to kidnap this one... I wouldn't be too worried, though. Well... then again... I did think "that's something I might have said/done!" Soooooo... O.o

Abby said...

When she's not having a tantrum she is such a sweet, love-bug! She is extremely funny, and has a big heart, but every once in a while she'll say something that makes me shake me head ;)

mom said...

You're watching too much Dexter.

Abby said...

Not when she's awake!! :o)

mom said...

I didn't say that. Said You are watching too much Dexter. Relax, she knows how to get a rise out of people be being extremely smart and quick whitted.

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