Sunday, November 7, 2010

Things that drive me nuts

Whether you're a parent or not, there's things that other parents do that makes us crazy.  We all make mistakes.  We all have dumb-parent moments.  I am fully aware of my humanness and am not a judgemental person, but sometimes I see things out and about that drive me nuts.  I'm not talking about stuff that may have been a lapse in judgement, or a stress-induced mistake, I'm talking about recurrent wrongs.  Recently I've seen:

A 2-year old ( I think) in the backseat of a car, with NO CARSEAT and just a seatbelt, driving down a busy highway.  I noticed it at a stop light, it was a guy driving, cell phone to ear, tiny little toddler strapped in with just a seatbelt.  Now perhaps there was an issue and he had to drive her home from somewhere and there was just no carseat available... but then he pulled into Target.  Really... shopping?  He better have been buying a carseat!  If he crashed, or got hit, that little girl would go flying around in that car and, I can't even think about it.

Parents swearing at their kids for misbehaving in public.  If they're swearing at them in public then you know they're swearing at them at home too.  Makes me cringe.  I saw this today in a parking lot and it's what led me to write this post.  Some people don't think swearing is a big deal, and swearing in front of kids is a big deal either... but I don't like it, and I take offense to people swearing AT their child.

People walking their dog down the street, inches away from a sidewalk.  Not related to parents or anything, but it bugs me because cars have to drive around them, and I'm always afraid that the dog will dart out or something.

Little girls wearing things I wouldn't even want my 17 year old daughter wearing... someone buys it for them.  And someone lets them wear it.  Luckily I haven't seen any of Sweet Pea's friends dressing above their age, but I know eventually that will come.  Eeek!

Ok, this has become a bit of an angry post, but I'm hungry and I have a headache, and I guess I'm a bit cranky right now... so this is what happens.  Perhaps it's a bad idea to blog with a headache and an empty stomach.  Sorry.

What do you see that drives you nuts?


CJ said...

What's a blog for if it isn't for sharing your thoughts, even the angry ones? Actually, I thought this was pretty mildly stated considering how you probably really feel about these things.

And I definitely agree with you about swearing at kids in public. Especially when it's accompanied with grabbing the kid by the arm or swatting them. I've had store managers call the cops before. That stuff is just unacceptable.

Hope your headache goes away!

Prairie Mother said...

Hey it's your blog! VENT!!

But I agree. The swearing bothers me but I think girls in innappropriate clothes bothers me more. I guess because I've seen so many tweens in racy clothes.
I swore once that if I ever had a daughter who wore racy clothes, I'd cut them up and then make her clean with the leftover rags!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I'm going to agree with each and every point here. Some people . . .

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