Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's been 11 days since I started feeling sick...

Oh my goodness I've been sick!  It started 2 thursdays ago.  That Thursday I felt a heaviness in my chest and figured I was finally catching the cough that several kids in my life have had, and I had been pretty tired in the evening.  Thursday afternoon I could feel myself ready to pass out and Spence was ready to take over kid-duty after I finished daycare so I could go crash.  That night my temp had started to rise but lingered in the 99 degree range so I figured I'd sleep it off and feel better in the morning. 

That night, in the middle of the night, I woke up with horrible chills and a fever.  After managing an email to my daycare parents telling them I'd be closed that day, I reset my alarm to wake up in time to either confirm that they got those emails or call them before they got completely ready to come. 

Friday was a struggle, I had all three kids at home and Spence had to work.  I don't remember much other than having Sweet Pea feed everyone cereal for breakfast and lunch, and opening a bag of pretzels for snacks.  During the next several days there would be a lot of cereal/toast/pretzels consumed.  My son was neglected, the house was ignored, I just prayed no one was getting hurt because I couldn't leave the couch.  Just getting up to pee took more work than it seemed it was worth.

Saturday the girls started a "vacation" at Nana's that had thankfully already been planned, which allowed me to get a lot more rest than I otherwise would have had.  I remember giving Little Man the bag of pretzels a couple times because I couldn't muster up the energy to get up and give him a bowl.  He sprinkled more than a few pretzels around the room, but our dog took care of those for him.  When Spence was home he took care of the kids and I hid downstairs trying to sleep it off, which was difficult because by Saturday I had started coughing pretty bad.  Saturday afternoon, even though I had now lost my voice, I was starting to feel like I might just live so Spence and I went to a friend's house for a party that we had been looking forward to.  I felt ok but was more than ready to fall asleep by the time we got home, I was so looking forward to crawling into bed!  I got ready for bed and laid down, but started coughing, so I got up and found some cough medicine.  After taking a dose of that I sat back down on the bed and WUMP, the bed broke.

The corners of our bed have pretty weak joints and it's broken on us before, but tonight was NOT the night to be dealing with a broken bed.  I had been very sick, was then feeling ok and had made it out, but now was ready to collapse and we had a bed with the bottom right corner on the floor.

Spence tried to fix it for a while before I had just had it and we took it apart at all 4 corners so we could set the frame on the ground.  I laid down and was amazed at how much more comfortable our mattresses were when they weren't connected to the head and foot boards!  It was the most comfortable that bed had felt since we tried it out in the store!  This was looking like it would be a blissful night of sleep, except that I couldn't go more than 2 seconds without coughing... and I'm not exaggerating! 

Desperate to get to sleep I hauled my pillows out to the living room to join my blankets and sleep upright on the couch.

Things weren't going well, and that was just 2 days into it.  There's more to fill you in but I need to get to sleep so I can work tomorrow for the first time in 11 days! 

Fill you in more later!  And thank you for being patient and not totally forgetting about me while I've been recovering!


Paula said...

Ugh, nothing like having crud and having little ones around. I've been suffering with it for over a week now and it does stink. fortunately, I don't have little ones anymore, but a teenager that seems to be just as needy sometimes :) I hope you feel better soon.

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