Thursday, November 11, 2010

Random Things I've Learned part dos

A few more random things I've learned...

~ Target's Up and Up brand baby wipes are awesome, and a whole lot cheaper than the name brands.  Walmart's Parents Choice baby wipes suck.  They rip apart, they have a hard feel to them, and they are tough to get out of the travel packs.  I once bought baby wipes at the dollar store... worst wipes ever!

~ While I'm on this train of thought, Target brand homestyle frozen waffles are also awesome, Cub brand waffles are gross.

~ Special K protein meal bars are delicious.  Luna bars have about the same amount of protein but are gross.  The Luna bars with more protein are so gross I couldn't even choke down one bite.  Nasty.

~ Apparently I shouldn't eat a Luna bar with a coffee chaser... upset tummy.

~ When the house is clean at night, my mornings are lovely.

~ Watching that "Baggage" dating show hosted by Jerry Springer makes me extremely glad I'm not out there dating... some huge crazies on that show!  But what else would you expect from Jerry Springer?


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Clean house at night = lovely morning is right - and yet I am ALWAYS too lazy at night to do it. Good for you!

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