Monday, October 3, 2011

Parent of the Year?

I've been gone a while, and I apologize.  I guess there's only so much "extra-curricular" fun I can handle, and my evenings have been full of reading, watching tv and netflix streaming, spending time with spence, and spending time with friends.  Blogging time has suffered!

So because my blogging has suffered, I thought I'd share something that may be a tad controversial?  Now, since I am a daycare provider/preschool teacher, you may think my free time playing with my kids would be full of songs, board games, reading, skipping, bike rides, and the like.  While my work hours are most definitely spent like that, this is what we played after daycare was over one day last week - and keep in mind it was initiated by my daughter... not me!

Hey! At least it was the shady side of the tree!

Disclaimer: she wanted to be tied up ("captured") and I unwrapped her before I went inside... wouldn't want any police or neighbors driving by to get the wrong idea!
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