Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Asking for Your Creativity

I'm thinking about making a change.

I've been blogging for 22 months now, and although the past several months have been pretty irregular, I still enjoy it.  But I'm thinking about changing it up a bit, particular in the name of the blog.

A lot of this blog has been about daycare, and that was my intention, but the stuff I'd really like to put on here regarding my job would be inappropriate to share.  I don't feel comfortable even sharing cute stories about my daycare kids - even if I were to leave out their names and pictures.  While I could certainly keep the daycare kids/families anonymous, people know who I am and who my daycare kids are, so it wouldn't be totally anonymous.  It doesn't seem right to blab about someone else's child no matter how positive the story is, unless I got permission to share.  And would I want to ask my daycare parents every time their kid does something funny if I can put it on my blog, send it to them for approval, and then post it?... Probably not.  And the tangents I could go on about the less wonderful side of the job... would be wrong.  Sure I could go completely anonymous and safely spill it all, but my blog isn't anonymous and I like it that way.  Although I really like reading this anonymous blog which is by a Canadian daycare provider, helps me remember I'm not alone. :o)

So the result of all those personal restrictions on talking about my job, my blog is not super daycare-y.

I will still be talking about the same stuff I have in the past, but I'm thinking a blog name that better reflects what goes into this website is in order... but I'm stumped.

Same blog, same content, same style, new name!

The actual web address would stay the same, but the name of the blog would be new.

So here is where I'm asking for a little help.  If you have any ideas for a new name, put them in the comments section!  Please be kind and respectful, but creative (or obvious, whichever).  THANKS!
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