Friday, October 7, 2011

Wow, Awesome Mommy!

Lately one of  Little Man's favorite words is "awesome".  I know he gets it from me, as I say it all the time, but when he says it it's so much cuter!  And funnier!

Here are a few conversations we had involving the word just this morning, he was clearly in a great mood!: Little Man is playing the part of LM, and I am playing the part of M (for "me" or "mom"... you pick)

LM after I hung up the phone: Who's that?
M: Food Program people
LM: Wow, Awesome Mommy!

LM pointing to my coffee cup: Mommy's coffee?
M: Yep, that's my coffee!
LM: Wow, Awesome Mommy!

I rubbed my eyes
LM: Tired Mommy?
M: Yes, I'm tired.
LM: Wow, Awesome Mommy!

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