Monday, October 10, 2011

Renaissance Festival

A little over a week ago we went to the Renaissance Festival like we do every year.  The girls have always dressed up like princesses or fairies, or fairy princesses.  We didn't have anything to dress LM in so he went as a futuristic boy.

As soon as we got there the children's theater guy asked the girls if they wanted to be in the Pied Piper play that was about to start in a few minutes.  Sweet Pea did this same play 2 years ago and played one of the towns children, this time she played a mouse.

Direct quote from Babydoll as soon as she got up there, "I'm a children!"

She was the only one of the "children" who put on the hat. They didn't know what they were missing!

BD rode a llama

LM and I rode an elephant.  I was so glad he got to sit right up front, it's the only way to really get to feel the  elephant's skin.  He really liked petting it's ear!

Riding the butterflies

The giant horse and pirate ship swings were one of the few things that excited SP this year.  She was bored for some reason.

Also her and BD were arguing a lot.

Also LM was whining a lot and having tantrums about everything.  What had started out as a fun family day was quickly becoming stressful and not fun!

At one moment of hightened stress, we were also trying to traverse through a particularly crowded area with a stroller filled with angry two-year-old and all our crap.  Spence was getting mucho frustrated.

Come on hun, smile!!

 I'm glad we went, but I think we're ready for a Ren Fest trip without the kids for once!

It was exhausting!

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