Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gymnastics Craze

Babydoll has now had 6 gymnastics classes.  Whether it's a phase, or a lasting passion, she's having a blast!  Ever since she started gymnastics she has been practicing constantly at home.  Every day she watches youtube videos of gymnasts her age doing tricks and routines at their gymnastics schools or on their home gym equipment, and then runs off to try to do it here.  The only problem is that there is only so much she can practice in the living room at this point.

She spent the whole day searching the house and yard for things she can use for equipment.  Stacking nap mats, propping pillows and blankets under them to make a wedge to practice her forward and backward rolls, using the board that edges the wood floor as a balance beam, and doing a thing on the couch where she runs at it, puts her hands on the cushion, and then kicks her legs up.  She also practices her tuck jump and straddle jump pretty regularly.

She wants a gymnastics bar pretty badly.  She wants to be able to practice all the flips and things she sees the more advanced kids at her gym, and the kids on the youtube videos, doing.

Problem is, they are really expensive.  Even to buy used.  I've looked up a couple how-to's on building one but neither of us know our way around a wood or metal shop, and I'd really hate for my daughter to fall on her head because the cross bar wasn't secure and fell off or something.

I found a balance beam (the short kind for practicing) on craigslist but the ones that weren't super expensive looked pretty crappy.  And for now the board in the living room, though it's a tiny bit too narrow, works fine.

So unless I can find a practice bar somewhere she will need to content herself with weekly gymnastics classes.  And we will continue to support her love of the sport by propping up cushions, messing up the couch, spotting her when she needs it.

We're just so glad that after watching her sister do activities and sports for years, she has something she loves to do, and is pretty dang good at!
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