Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Read

Some random stuff

1. I don't like candy corn.  I used to think it was a really weird thing to not like candy corn, until one October when Moose A. Moose on nick jr. sang a song called "I don't like candy corn" and I felt validated.   By a cartoon moose.

2. Little Man is back in diapers.  It was going really well for a few days, and then he stopped cooperating.  And started peeing randomly a lot.  So we'll try again soon.

3.  I have a "Confessions of a Cookie Addict" post ready to be written up... but it's a bit embarrassing.  Not that that has stopped me before!

4.  I love the smell of autumn!

5.  I need a full time housekeeper to keep up with my kids and daycare... and husband... and self.

6.  My oldest daughter brought home math homework and I was at a loss for how to help her with one of the problems. Great.

7.  Babydoll arriving at gymnastics class is like taking a little super ball and throwing it hard into a tiny room.  Lots and lots of gleeful bouncing.

8.  I'm a "tavern lady" for Halloween this year.  I bought the costume several years ago but haven't actually gone out anywhere for Halloween in costume in a LONG time!

9.  I could really use a new camera, one that the kids will not be allowed to touch.

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