Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Egg Hunts

Our kids' favorite Easter-time activity is definately Easter egg hunting!  There were lots of opportunities this year for them to search for little pastel plastic eggs filled with candy and coins.  First there was the egg hunt at our church, complete with pictures with the Easter bunny and fun games.

 I used to set up an Easter egg hunt for my daycare on good friday, but this year we went to a huge neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  We didn't go last  spring because Little Man was a newborn and did nothing but nurse and sleep... getting to an egg hunt on a chilly morning just wasn't happ'nin. 
The day before Easter we celebrated with Spencer's side of the family, where there was another egg hunt!
While the big kids were getting ready to hunt for eggs, Little Man enjoyed crawling around in the grass, playing with dirt, and eating some of it too.

And they're off!

On Easter we celebrated with my parents and sister, where there was another egg hunt!  Sweet Pea is at an age where she is starting to outgrow the "little kid" things, but she still loves easter egg hunts, which makes me happy :o) 

Little Man isn't into egg hunts yet, but he loves dirt and sand!

Digging in it...
throwing it...
and, yep, eating it

Come back tomorrow for Wishful Wednesdays!


T,A,K,E said...

SO cute! They look darling in their matching Easter dresses. You sure did get your fair share of Easter eggs hunts. Happy Easter!

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