Monday, April 26, 2010


Ok, I've been gone for a long time now!  I've been pretty absent from the blog world for the last 2 weeks.  Why?  Well, Little Man was cranky, Babydoll had a rough patch, spring cleaning commenced, summer planning is underway, and all four books of the Twilight saga had to be read.  I had no free time left for blogging! 

So I suppose it's time for a recap of what you've missed at my place!

I entered a blog giveaway, you know the ones were you leave a comment to win something cool, but never ever win?   I WON!  I entered an Etsy shop giveaway on the Confessions of a Young Married Couple blog and got to pick an item from the Miss Peanut + Little Peanut shop!  I chose this adorable handmade tutu with matching headband!  And the flower comes off of the headband to be a hair clip!

Did I mention Babydoll loves swings? and tutus?

Sweet Pea graduated to her green belt!  She is so proud of herself when she earns her stripes. 
I think she's getting a little burned out on Karate already, but I think a lot of it has to do with the weather - it's nice out now and she would rather play outside with her friends than go to Karate... can't say I don't understand!  But whether she wants to or not, she commited to an 18-month or Red Belt contract and she'll be there 2-3 times a week until then!

We brought up the ball pit!  There's a hole somewhere and it deflates pretty quickly, but even with low air it still holds the balls.  All of the kids are having a blast playing in the balls!

One evening we had a little campfire in the front yard!  We roasted marshmallows and made S'mores!  I have lots of pictures of that evening, which deserve their own post, but here's a teaser.

And Little Man colored his first picture!
He colors very lightly at this point but Mommy and Daddy are so proud!
And then he ate the crayon

I am done with the Twilight books, but still have cleaning and planning to do.  But I also have plans to blog!  I will be sharing some of the things we've been doing during daycare, resources I use to plan activities for the kids, some things that I have discovered that we enjoy and save us money, and more! 


Prairie Mother said...

Isn't spring wonderful? and busy :)!! It looks like your family is doing great and enjoying the wonderful weather! (I'm also chasing a toddler who likes to eat crayons!) Happy Spring!

Anonymous said...

Babydoll looks so cute in her tutu!! And yay Sweetpea on her green belt, wish I could have seen it! Boy is little man growing up so fast! I need to come visit them soon!

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