Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

~ I wish I was more prepared for how much my daughter's friend drama would effect me.  I remember those days all too well and it hurts to see her go through trouble with friends.  I know my mom remembers those days when my friends and I were "fighting".

~ I really wish I didn't require sleep, there are just so many things I want to do or need to do in the evening that I have a  hard time getting to bed before midnight!

~ I wish I could take a vacation... possibly completely alone... possibly to the Caribou Coffee headquarters... and definately with accompanying personal masseuse.

Yep, I see that I contradicted myself in my last wish, but my personal masseuse wouldn't really be there, they would just follow me around silently massaging my neck, back, and shoulders. 

Your turn! What are you wishing for today?


Prairie Mother said...

ah...I'm with you on my own vacation. I love my family but it would be nice to have time away.

I'm wishing my one year old daughter would quit eating dog food!! (There did that brighten your day?)

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's troubles. I remember those days all too well and don't look forward to my daughter going through that either :(

Anonymous said...

Oof... Girlfriend drama is the worst. At least with guys it was all out front and could usually be handled in one go. Girls are so much more cut throat. No matter how petty a lot of that stuff looks now, it felt like the end of the world then.

My wishful Wednesday... Hmm... I wish for ice cream. Seriously. My thought process isn't willing to go any deeper than that right now. Then again, it's pretty specific... Pralines and Cream ice cream in a waffle cone with a Whopper at the bottom to keep the ice cream from leaking away. *Noms*

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