Monday, April 26, 2010

May I have S'more?

On a recent evening, couldn't tell you exactly when because I don't know, we were cleaning out our office/storm room/storage room and wound up with several bags of junk we could throw away.  Also during this process we found an alarming amount of cardboard that needed to be burned.

I get to burn something?!

So we spent a while one evening burning cardboard boxes, beer boxes that Spence has been hanging on to (cough-sputter-not throwing away), and whatever else we could find.  And I think it was the next night that I decided I'd go get supplies for s'mores and we'd have a campfire!  S'mores are yummy and it had been too long since I had eaten that melty marhmallow/chocolate/graham cracker goodness! 

When I got home from Target with my supplies, Spence started up the fire.  Babydoll was far more interested in her marshmallow roasting stick and didn't want to go anywhere near the fire for a while.

Sweet Pea was ready to go!  If it involves food, she's always ready to go!

It seemed to take far longer than she was hoping to get the fire going well enough to roast our marshmallows, but she waited pretty patiently.

Babydoll was quite nervous about that fire for a while.  She kept asking if the fire was going to fly over and get her.  We reassured her several times that she was completely safe.

And then the roasting began, mmmmmm.  Nothing cheers up a nervous little girl like s'mores!

Sweet Pea is not scared of campfires at all.  She laughs in the face of fires!  As long as they are contained in a safe manner of course.  She couldn't resist sticking her roasting stick in the fire... instant giant candle!

[[evil cackle]]

And when you blow out giant stick candles, they make excellent charcoal pencils!

A great time was had by all, and we vowed we would do many more of these this summer, perhaps next time Little Man will still be awake and can join us.  Until then, Spencer will have to be happy with burning beer boxes, kitty litter boxes, and other random cardboard we turn up.

I Man. build fire.  burn wood.  Ug.


Anonymous said...

Oh what fun! I want to come over for a fire and smores sometime! Its been a long time since ive had a smore either!!
-mak, i keep doing anonymous cuz i cant figure out my profile name i used to have

Prairie Mother said...

I love s'mores! Maybe if the wind stops blowing we can have a campfire. won my book giveaway! contact me with your address!

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