Sunday, October 10, 2010

Apple Jacks

Every fall, since Sweet Pea was a newborn, it's been our tradition to go to an apple orchard with Spencer's parents.  Most of those years we went to Apple Jacks orchard.  There is a lot for the kids to do, and though there are a ton of people there on the weekends the only time it gets annoying is when you're in line to buy food.

The first thing I wanted to do, before anyone got their faces painted, was get a picture of the kids together.

Have you ever tried to get 3 young kids to sit together and smile, especially when one of them is 18 months? It did not. go. well.
attempt #1

attempt #2

attempt #3... Oh I give up!

Time to just take pictures of them seperately I guess.  Notice the thumb in the mouth.  It is a constant thing with him and it's driving me crazy.  I love that he is a thumb sucker at night, but he constantly has it in his mouth during the day now too.  It got bad when he got his molars, and starting this week I'm on the lookout for something to put on his hands to make him stop sucking on it. 

Thank you girls for being cooperative!

At Apple Jack's they have facepainting, candy-tube filling, apple picking, pony rides, and wagon rides.
Little Man with Spencer

Three generations.

Sweet Pea enjoys pony rides, even when she was two and my aunt Diane brought her horse to the birthday party to give the kids horse rides, she's loved it.  Babydoll on the other hand, was extremely excited to ride a pony, until she got on.  She panicked, and wanted off immediately.  I knew she was scared because she had a death grip on me for several minutes!

There's also the "cow train".  A train made out of milk barrels that have been turned into cows.  This is a huge highlight for them every year...

even Little Man got to ride it, and I rode with him.  He actually rode it last year too.  He was 6 months old then and Sweet Pea held him in her lap.  I was a nervous wreck the whole time watching them go around a big strawberry field, but they made it safely back to me.

There is a petting zoo (sort of) where you can see and feed goats, turkeys, and chickens.

We have a great time every year, and this year was especially great because the weather was gorgeous!  Those of us wearing sweaters had the wrong idea, because the temp was in the upper 60's, beautiful!  We ate baked goods with apples, brought home some apples, apple bread, and apple cinnamon rolls (which I burned...oops!) and enjoyed the beautiful day before it was time to go home for dinner.
Little Man looks so very comfortable up there doesn't he?
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