Sunday, October 17, 2010

Random Things I've Learned

Some random things I've learned:

When you take your kids places where they get free suckers, like the bank, it's best if all of the children get the same flavor.

Don't follow up a cough drop with coffee... doesn't mix well.

It's best not to watch the Food Network when you're on a diet and have already eaten your calories for the day.

I can't expect myself to get anything productive done while my husband is away at a wedding reception and I'm stuck at home.  It aint happ'nin.

Bring your own childrens books to the pediatricians office, you don't want your kids touching any of the entertainment there!

I had others but have totally blanked on them, I'll just have to save them for the next Random Things I've Learned!


Prairie Mother said...

Funny! and so true! said...

Clearly you are very wise - especially about suckers and pediatrician's offices. :)

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