Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wishful Wednesday and a Theater Plug

I wish I had unending energy.

I wish all diet food was like Diet Dr. Pepper, by this I mean I wish diet food tasted more like regular food.

I wish I didn't have crumbs stuck to my feet right now, we just finished lunch.

I wish all of my children slept as well as Little Man does... knock-on-wood.

I wish for an awesome weekend of theater for my friends who are in Dracula and Side by Side by Sondheim this weekend! Can't wait to go see them!  I'm particularly excited to be seeing Dracula with my dad!


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

As long as we're making wishes about diet food, I wish it tasted BETTER than regular food!

Anonymous said...

The thing that gets me? I LOVE healthy food. Thoroughly! I just can't afford it... So, I wish I could set aside uber loads of money to buy fresh veggies and free-range meat and all that jazz each week because oh-boy! Oh-boy! I'd be one happy camper!

Oh, and I wish I could get back into this whole blogging thing because I've fallen woefully behind. >.<

mom said...

I wish my allergy dog would quit licking. Drives me nuts.

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