Monday, October 18, 2010

Sister Wives??

A few weeks ago I started watching a new train wreck reality show on TLC called Sister Wives.  My first thought - "Are these ladies nuts?"  Actually my first thought was, "Ooo, it's a real life Big Love!"  Then it was, "Are these ladies nuts?"  Followed closely by, "Is this guy nuts?" 

Who would want to share their husband with 3 other women?  I mean, sometimes I get sick of my husband (as I'm sure he occasionally gets sick of me) but I don't think I could handle other women claiming him 3 out of 4 nights.  I love the fact that I am the most important woman in the world to my husband, and couldn't imagine him splitting that up between 3 other wives.

And as far as the guy goes... we as wives generally have a lot on our plate, and if our husbands aren't keeping up with it, we can get a little aggravated.  Why would a man enter a situation where he has to support and keep happy 4 different women?  I mean there are some obvious advantages for the husband to having multiple wives when it comes to... eh hem... night time, but there is so much partnership that goes into a marriage, how does he think he can do that partnership justice with 4 wives.

I recently proclaimed on Facebook that, and I quote, "I could totally handle it all if I had a full time housekeeper, cook, accountant, chauffeur, nurse, and masseuse." (meaning taking care of kids would be a breeze if I didn't have all that other stuff to take care of).  The one advantage I could see right away to having sister wives would be more moms/wives/housekeepers/cooks/accountants/chauffeurs/nurses/masseuses to help out.  Although would it all be negated by the fact that this particular polygamist family has now 16 children?  Having another woman in the house that was part of the team would probably be pretty darn helpful, but is the trade-off of sharing your husband worth it?

While watching the first season of Sister Wives it seemed clear that the greatest hardship seamed to fall on the first wife, and the incoming wife.  The first wife openly talked, repeatedly, about her jealousy.  And the incoming wife struggled to find her place in the family, to bond with Kody (the husband) without stepping on the other wives toes.  And all the wives had a hard time when Kody started courting Robyn (the incoming wife) with the fact that he was gone so much more and that he... (gasp)... kissed Robyn before they were "married".  The weird thing, well one of the weird things, was that it was the first wife who suggested that they all consider adding Robyn to the family!

I guess the nice part though was the bond that the sister wives share.  They truly seem to be best friends, or sisters.  They all seem fairly normal, outside of the polygamy thing.  I think I'd rather my best friends not live with me though, and not share a husband with me.

What I really don't get though is how this Kody guy managed to get 4 women to agree to marry him!  He's kind of a dense idiot and clearly doesn't brush his long mane of hair.  You'd think if you were getting married you run a brush through it, but apparently not for your fourth wedding, even if she did spend the entire day running around like a bride does getting everything ready, ugh.  And the hair thing is really no big deal compared to the man's denseness when it comes to his family.  For example, while the first wife was trying to make her husband understand her "jealousy issues" she asked Kody how it would make him feel to see her kissing another man.  The level of hypocrisy then witnessed was ridiculous, he wouldn't even answer her because the thought of her taking another husband or lover was so disgusting and awful.  It's hard to describe how moronic he seems to be, I'd like to, but trying to type it out is giving me a headache.

That's it, my rant.  And because I work at home and don't have a water cooler to stand around chatting about reality tv, and the short people I spend my days with would rather talk about Arthur and Wizards of Waverly Place, I'm really wondering if anyone out there has watched this show, and what you thought!


Anonymous said...

I've seen the show. I'm really pretty comfortable with polygamy in general. This particular form of polygamy, however, really kind of pisses me off. If polygamy is good enough for one person in the relationship, it's good enough for everyone involved regardless of sex or gender. I saw the scene where Kody refused to answer his first wife about how he would feel seeing her with another man. It made me pretty sick. What's more? I wonder how much attention these 16 children are getting from their father. *Shakes head*

Polygamy can be done, and it can be done in a beautiful healthy way. Sister Wives, in my opinion, doesn't display that kind of relationship. Of course, if it did, would it be considered "good" TV? (PS - I don't think it's good TV, but I know it gets ratings, which is all the Cable companies care about.)

mom said...

I saw them on Oprah. It is not the life style I would want to partake in but I am open to what shakes anothers boat. Polygamy is carried down through the generations and these women, most of them were raised this way. You do as you learn for the most part. The kids were also interviewed and I know they were on the spot but seemed fine with the arrangement and they go to friends who have the (normal) house and they say they like all the moms and kids in their lifestyle better. And that Dad does do stuff with them.
Anyway to each their own.

Gopher Mommy said...

Growing, up people thought my parents were crazy b/c they had so many kids. It wasn't crazy to me - it's all I knew. I still don't think it's crazy either.

Whether I agree or not, these women and men think this is totally normal. It's all they know. Personally, I am happy I don't have a sister wife. 4 regular sisters is enough!

Nick and Jessica Kleven said...

I watched the whole season too...I agree with your assessment of Kody. My favorite example of him being a dense idiot was when the second wife was in labor and he was talking to the physician about his first wife having IVF! Even the physician called him out on being a jerk!

Abby said...

I agree with you guys. I don't have a problem with this guy having multiple wives. They aren't marrying their children off, there doesn't seem to be abuse happening, they aren't hurting anyone.

I would be fine if polygamy, among consenting adults, was decriminalized. I wouldn't agree to have it legalized, but don't think they should go to jail for living together.

T,A,K,E said...

I agree with ALL of these comments. To each their own. They aren't hurting anyone, don't appear to be using the government and they are all consenting adults so great, if it works for them.

However I am TOTALLY with you on the women part, WHO would do that? Who would willingly marry a man who has another wife? They must be very strong women to deal with that day after day. Either way I LOVE the show, totally addicted, so I have my fingers crossed he doesn't go to jail. :)

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