Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Snowing!

As I begin typing this, it's naptime on Friday, and the snow is falling.  Watching it fall from my living room couch, it looks beautiful.  I'm sure the people who will be driving home in it in a couple hours will think otherwise.  I'm also sure Spencer, who will have to shovel it (alone, because I can't breath well right now) will think otherwise.  But the kids? They love it!

Snow means sledding,

Eating freshly fallen snow,

snow angels,

snow balls, snow forts, snow men, and stomping through the fresh powder in big snow boots and snow pants!

Little Man has had mixed feelings so far this year.  The first time it snowed this year he was soooo excited!  He saw his sisters getting ready to go out and started bringing Spencer every article of clothing he could find until he got his snow suit and boots on.

He got out there and was kind of in shock for a little while.  he walked through it for a few minutes and then got frustrated by his inability to move and started crying. 

That first time it really snowed this year the whole family was outside.  we were shoveling and playing and moving stuff in the garage around so I could park my car in it.  Because we were all outside, Little Man was kind of stuck out there with us.  It wasn't very cold that day so we made him just "suffer" through it while we got the stuff done that we needed to do.  After a while of whining and crying and falling down a lot, he started getting into it more and ventured off to play in the snow! 

Now when the kids get ready to go out he starts asking, "dide? dide? dide?" and runs to get his boots and snowsuit!  He falls down a lot, and can't get up by himself - which really ticks him off - but he's enjoying the winter! 

Now if I can just get the temps to stay high enough to let him go out there every day!


Prairie Mother said...

I'm so jealous! It was 60 degrees here today, no snow in sight. :( Glad Little Man is enjoying it so much...despite falling down!

Prairie Mother said...
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Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Isn't it amazing what wonderful experiences we can have in life if we're willing to "suffer through" change and a little discomfort?

Looks like they're having fun!

Paula said...

So cute!
He is the little boy on "A Christmas Story"
"I can't put my arms down!" and the falling and can't get up. We love that movie and that's the first thing I thought when I saw his little picture.
I'm glad he's enjoying it!

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