Thursday, December 9, 2010

The "Other" Target Store

Little Man has been a little on the cranky side lately.  He whines more, is more forceful with his demand for your attention, spazzes out when he doesn't get his way, and has had a little bit of trouble sleeping.  He is a rockstar at bedtime.  You give him a kiss and a hug, lay him down, hand him his teddy in his right arm, he pops his left thumb in his mouth, cover him up, say goodnight and I love you, and walk out the door.  We don't hear from him again for 12 or 13 hours.  In the last week he's woken up a few times crying... nothing major, but enough to make us go "hmmm, wonder what that's about?"  He also has been messing with his ears lately.  All of this led me to take him in to the clinic at the Target store a couple towns away.  I live a few blocks away from a Target store, but we don't have a clinic at ours so I had to go to the other Target.  We take the kids to the Target Clinic for simple things like strep tests, ear checks, and that sort of thing because for us the copay difference is $40 less.  Basically a no-brainer.

I walked in with him, started filling out all the paper work while simultaneously trying to keep him in the clinic area because he thought it would be a whole lot more fun to just go explore the store!  Turned out his ears were fine (one was a tiny bit red, but not infected red), but he had a temp of 99 so the dr gave me a Rx for an antibiotic in case his temp shot up and he started really complaining about his ears.  I thanked the Dr and we headed out to get a cart so I could get the things on my short grocery list.

I have to say, and I'm feeling slightly disloyal for saying it, I like the neighboring Target better than mine!

Little Man and I only explored half the store, but I like the layout, I like the spaciousness and visibility, and I love the shopping carts.  The shopping carts don't squeak or pull to the side, they roll more smoothly, the sides are like handles and I could pull it from the sides or front of the cart if I wanted to easily.  They're just nice :o) 

So please, dear Target in my town, could you consider closing down for a few days and totally renovating yourself to be like the other store?  I mean, you already moved the grocery section all around and screwed up my awesome shopping template, you might as well move it all around, expand, and buy new carts.


mom said...

Very funny.
I actually like your target better than mine. (mine is the other town you speak of) I like yours because I know where everything is that I shop for. I do not grocery shop so that part doesn't bother me. My target I get lost in all the time, can't find anything without walking everywhere.

Makenzie said...

I agree with mom that I know the layout better with "your" target... but the shopping carts and the small handle baskets are both way better at the other one! And I also think they might have more stock at the other one as well..

Nichole said...

Yes, "my" Target is the best.
Even though it's not technically in my town, but it did replace the one in my town so I feel I can lay claim. ; )

And we have been to that clinic more times than I care to count in the past month or so.

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