Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Want to be a Real Girl

The other day Sweet Pea opened up her new makeup kit that my cousin Courtney gave her for Christmas.  She asked if she could put makeup on her face. 

I told her, "Sure! Go ahead!" We weren't going anywhere, no need to worry about 8-year-olds wearing makeup in public.

She came out from wherever she had been doing her makeup looking like this...

I'm a puppet!!

I was actually impressed, she made herself look like a wooden marionette style puppet! 

Then to her little sister, "Do you want me to make you look like a puppet too?"

Babydoll, "yeah!" 

Perhaps we have a makeup artist on our hands? Along with fashion designer, dolphin trainer, florist, artist, and all-around awesome person!


mom said...

What fun. I want to play too. She did a very good job.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

At least she knew she looked like a puppet. I've seen women walking around looking just like that who have no idea!

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